Organic Pest Control

Pests have been a thing ever since humans began growing their own food oh so long ago. Since there have been crops, there have been pests that are using these crops as a source of food, and there have been people that want them gone. Pest control is somewhat of an ancient idea, but it is a battle that we are still waging today and it is difficult to tell who is winning.

The reason for this is that most of the pest control that we use is chemically based. Now unfortunately for us, these chemicals can be resisted through genetic mutation over the years, and many pests have built up these necessary immune responses. On the other hand, we as humans have not needed to, so at a certain point these pesticides may be doing more harm than good.

The game of cat and mouse

Organic pest control is a way to circumvent the chemicals that may be doing harm to us and may be resisted by the pests. Methods such as exclusion and natural pest predators serve as a way to keep nature in balance and make our crops healthier not only in terms of crop health, but healthier for human consumption as well. We believe that what we are doing is the only way to update pest control to a standard that humans can be totally comfortable with.

Through new technologies and practices, we have found numerous ways to control pests from the inside out. Whether it is getting rid of the part of the plant that they find irresistible to finding things that will eat these pests, there is no substitute for mother nature and the control she has over the environment. This is the best way to not only preserve the environment, but to make sure that we are eating healthy food at the same time.