Organic Farming

People often wonder what exactly organic farming is and how it helps us as a business and a member of society. This is one of the commonly asked questions we have to answer and we are happy to do so simply because we know that the science is there and that the results speak for themselves. I mean, do you see these vegetables?

These vegetables look delicious do they not? They look as though they were crafted genetically in some lab and coated with the chemicals needed to make sure that they were not devoured by the number of garden pests that lay waste to so many crops. Actually, no, they were grown without any of these things, aka organically. Without the use of pesticides and growth hormones, we can create large, delicious vegetables no problem whatsoever.

Communication and debunking misconceptions

People are often scared or wary of things that are new to them and that they may not fully understand. When it comes to organic gardening, people either assume that it is some new fangled way to sell more carrots or that it is growing vegetables the way that they have always been grown. What part of farming is not already organic? One might ask.

Well the answer is that these are all reasonable ways to view organic farming, but by giving people not only the best produce online, but by also explaining the science behind organic gardening, we can begin to show people that there is more to it than just a few buzz words and the lack of some pesticides. There is a whole process that needs to be followed in order to work with mother nature rather than against her. That is what we are here for and we hope you will appreciate our efforts.